Ceeable/ Dr. Agarwal's Hospital Pilot

Ceeable piloted their web-based 3D Visual Field Analyzer (CVFA) system at Dr. Agarwal clinic sites to quickly and accurately screen patients for eye disease, including retina disorders such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In addition to rapid screening, the Ceeable test is intended to increase diagnostic and hospital efficiencies by allowing clinicians to quickly access comprehensive test results upon completion of the test.



Pilot Duration

January 2017- April 2018



Dr. Agarwal’s Hospital, Chennai



  • 1,250 tests performed using CVFA to screen and detect eye disease in the target population.

  • Ceeable test was compared to the standard of care for macular degeneration patients.

    • Results from this pilot showed that the CVFA has better capability in identifying AMD compared to the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer (HVFA). 

  • Integration of Ceeable tech with Dr. Agarwal’s care delivery services 

    • Several technical care specialists at Dr. Agarwal’s clinic are now trained on how to use the Ceeable system.

    • Pilot demonstrated that the technology can be deployed on a remote basis (USA to India)

Lessons Learned

  • Ceeable is now more equipped to scale in India, and beyond as this pilot taught them how to manage collaborations and patient testing in a new market, as well as how to improve their product/processes.

    • The pilot helped identify technical areas for improvement (e.g. tablet system) and clinical areas for improvement (e.g. patient selection criteria).

  • The findings from the pilot provided further clinical elucidation between anatomic Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) findings and psychophysical CVFA findings.

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