Chatr Health/ Narayana Pilot 


ChatrHealth implements standardized checklists and protocols to improve efficiency and ensure safety before, during and after medical procedures. This pilot implemented such protocols in Narayana Health operating rooms to prepare hospital staff for their procedures with the aim of preventing surgical errors.


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Pilot Duration

April 2017- January 2018


Narayana Health, Kolkata



  • 794 patients enrolled

  • Survey and Adoption

    • 50% adoption initial

    • 80-90% adoption after Senior Leadership reinforcement

  • Implementation and Scale

    • By the end of the pilot, all operating rooms used the tool

  • Clinical Outcomes

    • Anesthesia Adverse events: 40% reduction

    • Unplanned return to surgery: 32.2% reduction

    • Case cancellations:12.4% reduction

    • Case rescheduled: 27.6% reduction

Lessons Learned

Through this pilot, Chatr Health is now more mindful of the resources and cultural differences that may exist when testing their product in a new market/context. It is important to be aware of the host organization’s technical capabilities and organizational culture regarding new technology. Moving forward, Chatr Health will explore how such factors play into patient engagement, user adoption, and overall piloting.   

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