Micromedic Technologies / Dr. Lal PathLabs Pilot

Micromedic Technologies has created CellDetect®, a staining technology that combines color and morphology to screen women who are at risk of developing cervical cancer. In this pilot, cervical specimens collected at Dr. Lal PathLabs were analyzed using CellDetect® to simplify and expedite the interpretation of microscopic slides and boost the detection of early stage and pre-cancer lesions.

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Pilot Duration

March 2017- December 2017


Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd. National Reference Laboratory, Rohini, New Delhi, India



  • 170 patients enrolled
  • CellDetect® color feature and its ability to highlight endocervical/abnormal cells were considered useful tool for both negative and suspicious cases. The utility of the color feature (highlighting) earned the following scores:
    • Negative cases: 4.7*
    • Suspicious cases: 4.2*
  • Turnaround time per slide was 34% shorter with CellDetect® than with Pap 
  • Adding color discrimination to morphology in slide analysis improved efficiency of screening process.
    • Efficiency Score of 4.1 in Normal Cases*
    • Efficiency Score of 4.3 in Suspicious Cases*

*Metrics measured on a scale from 1 (worst) - 5 (best)

Lessons Learned

The pilot highlighted CellDetect’s Capabilities. The team now knows that CellDetect is easy to operate and can be implemented on a global scale. The pilot also proved that remote training and support are effective and sufficient.  

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