MobileODT / International Oncology Pilot

Mobile ODT has created the Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System, an integrated cervical cancer screening and patient tracking system that enables on­going engagement with patients through a smartphone platform.

The primary objective of the pilot was to evaluate the effectiveness of the EVA System, in comparison to existing cervical cancer screening techniques at various screening camps supported by International Oncology Cancer Therapy Centres, to ensure it meets the quality standards of gold standard screening methods. 



Pilot Duration

December 2016- April 2018


  • 8 Mobile Screening Camps in Urban Slums of India (e.g. community clinics, places of worship, schools, etc.)



  • 150 patients enrolled in this pilot
  • Use of the mobile colposcope in the screening camp allowed for improved workflow and documentation
    • The experience was more positive than VIA for both patients and providers.
    • Much easier to use EVA for documentation of patient information than existing methods (hand-written records or information typed on a laptop)
    • Digitized data capture improved documentation of the results at the community level
    • Information stored by the app allowed for much more rapid data analysis following the deployment
  • The device, in comparison to naked-eye visualization: 
    • reduced the time of the exam because less “looking” had to be done
    • increased trust among patients due to the ability to see the images from the exam
    • increased the patient’s sense of empowerment and ownership over her body

Lessons Learned

  • MobileODT recognized how impactful technology such as the EVA can be in areas that may lack healthcare infrastructure and resources. 
    • In the screening camps, cytology and biopsy are not as readily available, given the resources and infrastructure they require. Thus, the EVA has potential to significantly impact cervical cancer screening.
    • The camps’ physical condition and overall patient volume, proper record keeping is quite challenging and EVA can improve documentation efforts. 
  • The Screening Camp effort should separate the provider using EVA from the provider performing VIA, to better document the differences between the two methods.