Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pilot Proposal


How many pilot projects will the TechEmerge program fund?

There is no set number of pilot projects to be funded under the program. It will depend on the quantity and quality of pilot proposals submitted. Given the broad range of technologies that were shortlisted under the program, we expect there will be a diverse range of pilots with regards to size, complexity, target populations and health impact. The program will fund as many pilots as possible within the available funding resources.  


What is the evaluation criteria?

Each pilot proposal application will be assessed along the following lines:

  • Pilot Design: Includes the quality of the pilot concept, feasibility (including that both the Innovator and Host Partner have the necessary capacity to undertake the pilot), potential for success, well defined key performance indicators, well defined milestones that can realistically be met, sustainability and scalability of the pilot to a broader population/ application in the long term

  • Team Capacity & Strength of Match: Includes experience of team members, capacity of the team to execute, and degree of fit between product/service and Host Partner requirements/strategic and/or operational needs.

  • Pilot Budget and Scale: Includes the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, completeness and realism of the pilot budget.

  • Potential for Impact: has the potential for significant impact on clinical care or business operations of the Host Partner/ healthcare delivery in India.


How much funding is available for each pilot? How will funding allocations be decided?

There is $1M in grant funding available to support all pilot projects. The TechEmerge grant is meant to defray the cost of a pilot, not cover the entire expense. The grant funding will only cover out-of-pocket costs directly related to the implementation of the pilot. Examples of out of pocket-costs include travel costs, hiring a local consultant to support pilot implementation/ for software development/ technology integration/training, hiring translators, etc.). Both the Innovator and Host Partner are expected to contribute to the pilot implementation, at a minimum through in-kind contributions, such as dedicating staff to support the pilot implementation. Applicants should outline the costs of implementing the pilot in the budget in Section E of the Pilot Template. Along with including the out-of-pocket costs, the Innovator and Host Partner should also include their in-kind contributions (e.g., staff time), and also detail what costs they can cover themselves, and specifically note how much funding they are requesting from the TechEmerge program. The amount of funding awarded to each pilot will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Is the funding split amongst the Host Partner and Innovator?

The funding will predominantly be awarded to cover costs associated with the Innovator’s out of pocket costs. However, depending on the circumstance, and required activities/expenses, funding may also be allocated to the Host Partner as well.


What currency will the grant be awarded?

Grants can be awarded in a number of currencies (US dollars, Indian rupee, etc.). Pilot budgets should be denominated in only one currency and funding allocation will be based on the budgeted currency.


How will money be distributed? One-lump sum? In tranches?

Funding will generally be distributed in tranches, aligned with milestones, however, the exact distribution schedule and amount will depend on the requested amount, the timeline of the pilot, and specified milestones. For example, for a smaller grant amount there may be two tranches, 40% paid up-front to fund expenses, with the balance paid after reaching the final milestone. For a larger grant amount there may be three tranches, for example 20% paid upfront, 40% paid when a set milestone is reached, and 40% paid upon completion of the final milestone. Grant award amount and distribution schedule will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Do I have a better chance of getting a grant award if I submit the pilot proposal before the deadline?

We encourage Innovators/Host Partners to complete the proposals as soon as possible to leave enough time for any required adjustments, and/or to address any questions the TechEmerge team may have. While pilots will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, the awarded grant amounts will not be announced until mid-to-late August 2016. All pilot proposals will be reviewed using the same evaluation criteria (criteria detailed in question #2 above), and it is advantageous for applicants to submit their pilot proposal as early as possible.


What happens if we miss the August 1st deadline?

We encourage everyone to try to meet the August 1st deadline, however, we do realize that some pilots may be more complicated, or take more time to design/finalize. For those who are developing a pilot proposal, and have two committed partners (Innovator and Host Partner), but require more time to finalize the proposal, these pairs should submit a “concept proposal” by the deadline – August 1st – using the same template provided, the pairs should outline the pilot concept, outstanding steps and expected timeline to complete the pilot proposal, and an estimated budget. This will allow the TechEmerge team to take the pilot into consideration, and possibly set aside funding, while still enabling the pair to have more time to finalize the pilot design. Only once the application is finalized and submitted (including the required Letter of Support), would funding be approved.


Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, both Innovators, and Host Partners can submit multiple proposals. Each proposal should be designed and submitted separately, and will be considered independently by the TechEmerge team. However, in some cases there may be some economies of scale (e.g., if an innovator is based in the US and has planned trips to India for a pilot, if they are carrying out multiple pilots, some of the travel costs could be consolidated across pilots). Once we receive all pilot submissions we will take potential overlap/economies of scale into consideration.


Can I submit an application with a Host Partner that I already have a relationship with?

Yes! TechEmerge grants can be used to expand a small pilot into a greater study or convert early discussions into a pilot.


Does completing several pilot proposals with different healthcare providers increase my odds of receiving funding?

Quality is more important than quantity. The number of proposals that are sent will not affect the approval rate.


How long is the pilot expected to last?

The range of pilot implementation will vary. In general, the TechEmerge team expects pilots to range from 3 - 9 months depending on the type of technology and the complexity of the pilot design.


How should the Host Partner and Innovator divide up roles/responsibilities?

This is entirely up to the Innovator and Host Partner. However, both parties should hold significant responsibility in overseeing and executing the implementation, management and sustainability of the pilot. It is important that both parties are dedicating resources to support the pilot.


If my company is based outside of India, is it expected that we have representatives on the ground?

As part of pilot execution we expect that some in-person meetings, training, technology development will be required. Applicants should outline in their proposal the activities that require on-site presence and how they plan to address that need.


Will feedback be provided on the pilot proposal before the final selection of grant awards?

The TechEmerge team will review the pilot proposals on a rolling basis. The pilot design may be an iterative process. If we feel that the proposal needs slight modification, we will provide feedback and ask that the proposal be adjusted accordingly.


When will we know if we have received grant funding?

We will inform all applicant of the decisions on grant awards by mid-to-late August.


If I am granted funding, what are the reporting requirements?

If granted funding, pairs will be expected to submit a brief status/update report each month on progress during the period, including reporting on any defined metrics in the pilot proposal. A report template will be provided.  


If you have additional questions, please email Jennifer David at