Vios/ Regency Pilot

Vios Medical has created the Vios Monitoring System (VMS), allowing for automated continuous surveillance of patients’ physiological vital signs in a non-ICU setting. In this pilot, Vios implemented monitoring systems in general medical-surgical wards at Regency Healthcare, allowing clinicians to monitor, manage, and provide care to patients remotely.




Vios Regency.png

Pilot Duration

February 2017- September 2017


Regency Hospital, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.



  • 250 patients enrolled

  • Regency physicians led by Dr.Vishal gave positive feedback on the comfort and accuracy of the Vios system.

  • Vios was compared to the output of Gold Standard equipment and physicians found Vios to be accurate and reliable.

  • End users gave verbal feedback on how to improve workflow efficiency and Vios has continuously incorporated those suggested features to facilitate physicians and nurses.  

Lessons Learned

  • The pilot provided many insights on how Vios can be improved through feedback on the product from all users and users’ requests for new features.

  • Vios now has more experience on how to navigate through potential technical issues in real environments and propose the most appropriate business model to the customer.

  • Through this experience, Vios realized possible new use cases (e.g. Ambulatory monitoring, Emergency, remote consulting etc.) and that the "one product fits all" philosophy is flawed.  Knowing this, Vios will be more prepared to accommodate for variations and implement localized features to improve acceptability.

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