WellDoc / Max Healthcare Pilot

WellDoc's BlueStar is a mobile prescription therapy application for adults with Type 2 diabetes. In their pilot with Max Healthcare, they tested BlueStar with Type 2 diabetes patients to track blood glucose, medications and dietary habits over time to improve patient engagement and decrease patients' HbA1c levels. The primary objective of the pilot was to evaluate the effectiveness of WellDocs’s BlueStar program. The BlueStar program is highly personalized and offers a 24/7 companion of support for patients.


Pilot Duration

July 2017 - December 2017 


Max Healthcare, Saket Hospital, South Delhi, India 



  • 117 activations across mobile and web

  • Engagement ranged from 5X/patient/week to over 30X/patient/week for patients on no medications to those using insulin and orals

  • Top three features used were food related, followed by blood glucose tracking and medication management

  • The Diwali holiday week affected patient engagement, which speaks to opportunities to culturally fine-tune messaging during these periods of holidays


Lessons Learned

  • Discussions across various channels of host organization could help elevate awareness of BlueStar's value even more and create a culture of awareness and excitement around the program. 
  • There's an opportunity to improve focus on the right targeting of patient populations to ensure they meet the target characteristics for a mobile technology/disease management pilot. There are opportunities for both virtual as well as in person training for patient populations.
  • Incentives will be key in the India market, and offering a blood glucose meter can help drive engagement with blood glucose measurements.

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