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TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics Nigeria is seeking innovations from across the world, including homegrown solutions, that are clean, sustainable, resource-efficient, and scalable. These innovations must be applicable for leading local companies, including transport/logistics companies, truck owners, insulated container & refrigeration unit providers, and TCL buyers. These cooling solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Phase change material technologies
  • Cryogenic technologies, including Liquid Nitrogen solutions
  • Evaporative cooling for comfort
  • Heat Pump/heat recovery systems
  • Innovations for conventional refrigeration 
  • Solar-powered systems
  • Temperature control/monitoring in transport
  • Demand reduction technologies, such as insulation and heat reduction/rejection/radiation 
  • Small cargo transport lacking en-route power sources.





Local Assumptions



Technical Specifications

Specifications are divided into short-distance and long-distance journeys.

Short Distance Transportation is generally for secondary delivery of temperature-controlled products within a city or to a nearby town. Trucks/vans are fitted with 6-20 ft containers. Transit times are often 8-10 hours, but traffic jams could extend this to 12 hours. Most trips are multi-drop, with no external power source available before returning to base station. Refrigeration equipment should be designed for 6-8 drops, with no sweating or water dripping on the product. Multi-compartments may be recommended, if necessary. This segment includes: 

  • General or Multipurpose Applications where the vehicle may be required to operate at different temperatures. For example, vehicles may carry frozen food for the first leg of the journey and chilled food on the return, or be used for one application for few months and another at a later stage. Selected innovators must offer versatile, multipurpose equipment capable of working from -20℃ to +20℃.
  • Frozen Applications where the vehicle will only transport frozen products. In this case, innovations must be capable of working at -20℃.
  • Chilled Applications where the vehicle will only transport chilled food. Innovations must be capable of working from +2℃ to +20℃.

Long Distance Transportation covers point-to-point journeys of more than 12 hours duration, using trailers/trucks fitted with 20 to 40 ft containers. Solutions for this segment could be General or Multipurpose Applications, Frozen Applications, and Chilled Applications that meet the specifications outlined in the short-distance section above, as well as: 

  • Comfort Applications including air-conditioning and other solutions to ensure driver/operator comfort, capable of working at + 20℃.
  • Air-Cooled Applications where the vehicle only transports fruits/vegetables/food in an air-cooled environment and may not require any other temperature-controlled operation. This requires a cost-effective solution such as evaporative cooling, without expensive vapor-compression refrigeration. Innovations must be capable of working from +25℃ to + 28℃, assuming an ambient temperature of + 35℃, depending on prevailing humidity levels. *Innovations for open-top or half-body loading areas are eligible for consideration. 
  • Small Cargo Transport Applications especially for critical pharmaceutical products transported long distances by road or air with strict temperature controls and without any onboard power source onboard. Cargo size may vary from 1- 35 cubic feet at temperatures from +2℃ to +10 ℃.


Container Specifications

Reflector paints, heat radiation innovations, and other solutions that reduce heat loads for containers carrying perishable products are eligible for consideration for the TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Nigeria program.

Container make and model varies greatly in Nigeria, however exact dimensions will be agreed upon before any pilot implementation. Meanwhile, the following dimensions may be assumed as guidelines: