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TechEmerge brings technologies to new markets, driving sustainable innovation to emerging economies where it is needed most. After successful programs focusing on the health sectors in India and Brazil, TechEmerge is expanding to the vital cooling sector.

TechEmerge will match innovative companies from across the world with leading companies, energy service providers, and municipalities in emerging markets to pilot climate-smart, energy-efficient cooling technologies, products, and services and build commercial partnerships.

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Cooling is essential for economic development, productivity, human health and food security.


Climate change, income growth, and urbanization are all increasing demand for cooling—especially in emerging markets which are home to the fastest growing and hottest cities on earth.

However, cooling consumes 15% of global energy, and if business as usual continues that amount will triple by 2050. Cooling is also a major contributor to climate change, producing 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

The good news is that cooling innovation offers one of the most cost-effective ways to fight climate change – and this is where TechEmerge comes in. 



TechEmerge uses a competitive process to select innovative companies, who are then invited to meet with leading corporates and municipalities in emerging economies to discuss how to pilot their technology, product, or service and commercialize them in local markets.

IFC and a panel of industry experts provide support during market-entry and tech transfer to offset financial and operational risks for innovators and adoption risks for local governments, corporates, and other partners.

We are seeking a wide range of cooling solutions including, but not limited to:


Cooling 2


This TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Innovation program is implemented in partnership with the government of the United Kingdom.

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