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In 2018, the TechEmerge Health India program won the World Bank Group President’s Award for Innovation.

The President’s Awards for Innovation recognize teams that have accelerated development results through the creation and/or adoption of innovations across WBG operations, as well as client countries. These innovations may be brand new solutions, such as a new technology, product, policy, process, partnership, or other approach; OR may be an adaptation of established approaches to different sectors or context.

TechEmerge Health India

Technology can help accelerate development impact in emerging markets, but adoption is constrained by lack of awareness, knowledge and resources. While innovators of cutting-edge health technologies see high market risks, healthcare systems perceive high costs and uncertainties with using new solutions. To address these, IFC went upstream and developed this unique program that identified needs and challenges of 20 health systems in India and identified 330 cutting-edge tech solutions. With global advisors, IFC matched the best 17 companies from 6 countries with 15 Indian healthcare systems and supported implementation of 22 projects across 80 clinical sites reaching over 20K patients in India. The validated impact from the field, resulted in 20+ contracts for wider deployment of solutions, estimated to benefit 300K patients a year, and counting. This model is now being scaled to other regions and sectors, through wider collaboration across WBG to accelerate adoption of innovation.