Bodhi Health / EyeQ Hospital Pilot

Bodhi Health Education’s learning management system deployed standardized training solutions for technicians at EyeQ. In this pilot, online training modules were used to standardize the training process, conduct assessments, track performance of individual learners and gain insights on analytics from each center.

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Pilot Duration

December 2016 - July 2017


Occupational Therapy Assistants from the EyeQ centers across different states of North and West India participated in the pilot. The states included:
1. Delhi NCR
2. Gujarat
3. Baroda
4. Haryana
5. Uttar Pradesh
6. Uttarakhand


  • A total of 24 videos with 170 minutes of content was developed.

  • A total of 40 OT technicians/assistants were enrolled to the course.

  • Improvement in knowledge gained from use of the course exceeded anticipated target.

  • Staff time and financial expenses were significantly saved due to Bodhi's platform.

  • In a qualitative survey of EyeQ participants, respondents reported the following feedback on the technology:

    • Ease of understanding : Average rating – 4/5

    • Ability to learn on own:  Average rating - 4/5

    • Benefits of the e-learning program:  Average rating - 5/5

  • EyeQ plans to scale up the pilot to the remaining OT technicians, based on the pilot learnings. They also plan to develop two similar e-learning modules-one for the Optometrists and the second for the Patient Relation Executives.

Lessons Learned

  • Busy working schedule, internet connectivity, issues with understanding the coursework in English language and lack of incentive to do the additional training were some of the compliance challenges.

  • All participants recommended that there be an in person training at regular intervals in addition to the online training to encourage sharing of ideas.

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Learner's response to the E-learning program

Learner's response to the E-learning program