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Harnessing the Clean Energy Potential of Waste Cold

About the Project

Each year millions of tons of waste cold from liquid natural gas (LNG) is dumped at sea – but innovative tech and new business models could transform this untapped resource into emission-free power and cooling on-demand and provide electricity to the grid.

In addition to unlocking a $50+ billion market opportunity, harnessing waste cold could strengthen energy access for underserved communities and reduce the environmental impact of the LNG sector. To help make this a reality, IFC’s award-winning TechEmerge program has convened a group of internationally renowned clean energy and sustainable cooling experts to explore and advise on the technical and commercial potential of LNG waste cold recovery.

This effort builds on TechEmerge’s mission to accelerate the adoption of innovation where it is needed most. This includes the TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Initiative, which matches innovators from across the globe with leading businesses and organizations in emerging markets to pilot game-changing cooling solutions and build commercial relationships.

Want to learn more? Watch the experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of harnessing LNG waste cold, and its potential social, economic, and financial benefits.

Advisory Group

The Academic Experts Advisory Group provides rigorous, unbiased thought-leadership and advice to IFC and its partners.

• Prof. Toby Peters. University of Birmingham | Chair, Advisory Group.
• Prof. Richard Williams. Heriot-Watt University | Co-Chair, Advisory Group.
• Prof. Milind Atrey. IIT Bombay.  
• Prof. Yulong Ding. University of Birmingham.
• Prof. M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer. Heriot-Watt University.
• Prof. Robert Morgan. University of Brighton.
• Dr. Alessandro Romagnoli. Nanyang Technological University. 

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