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TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Latin American Cities

TechEmerge brings technologies to new markets, driving sustainable innovation to emerging economies where it is needed most.

After successful programs in India and Brazil, TechEmerge is expanding to Latin America’s vital cooling sector.

TechEmerge will match innovative companies from across the world with companies and municipalities in Mexico and Colombia to pilot climate-smart, energy-efficient cooling technologies, products, and services and build commercial partnerships.

LAUNCHING SOON. Pre-register to express interest and stay updated on program developments, including announcement of open call in late March.




Innovative companies will be selected through a competitive process and then invited to meet with potential pilot partners in Mexico and Colombia to discuss how to pilot their technology, product, or service and commercialize them in these growing markets.

IFC and a panel of industry experts provide support during market-entry and tech transfer to offset financial and operational risks for innovators and adoption risks for local governments, corporates, and other cooling providers/users. Pilot projects can also access grant funding from a total pool of up to USD 1.5M.

30+ corporates, utilities, and municipalities have already expressed interest in partnering with TechEmerge innovators to pilot new cooling solutions in the Latin American market.






  • Access to robust Latin American network of potential users/buyers of cooling technology, products, and services
  • Access to a pool of up to $1.5M in funding to support pilot projects in Mexico and Colombia through competitive selection
  • Technical assistance from the TechEmerge team and global network of advisors to develop pilot implementation and market entry strategies
  • Potential IFC investment to successful innovators with scalable solutions


  • Priority will go to proven products installed in at least one commercial setting, but innovations at the product development stage will also be considered
  • Privately owned company, typically with less than 50 employees and less than US$100M in venture capital funding (with some exceptions)
  • Responds to the cooling needs and challenges of Latin American businesses and municipalities
  • Demonstrated managerial capacity and scalability
  • Ability to allocate time and resources to participate in the project, including attending periodic meetings, and implementation of field testing/pilot project in Mexico and/or Colombia



  • Assess: We identify challenges and gaps in emerging markets, talking in person with local organizations to ensure we understand which technologies could best meet their needs.
  • Source: We launch an open call for innovators from around the world who have market-relevant solutions to apply to join the program.
  • Select: With the support of a network of expert advisors, we select high-performing innovators with proven technologies that can meet the needs of participating local organizations.
  • Match: Through a carefully curated process, we arrange events and meetings for the shortlisted innovators to meet local organizations, demo their products, and discuss working together in pilot projects.
  • Pilot: With our support, selected innovators and participating organizations partner to test technologies in a local setting.
  • Commercialize: If the pilot is successful, the local organization and innovator may decide to enter into a commercial contract.



After East Asia and Pacific, Latin America offers the world’s second largest climate smart investment potential of up to USD 5.7 trillion by 2030.

Latin America has a warm climate and the highest urbanization rate in the world, and the region’s many large cities provide an ideal environment for scaling sustainable cooling solutions.

The region is also known as a hub of innovation, and both the private and public sectors are eager to adopt new cost-effective, energy-efficient, climate-smart cooling solutions.

In 2018 the global market value for the cooling sector was estimated at USD 135 billion. By 2030, this could reach almost USD 170 billion, while global unit sales are expected to grow from 336 million to 460 million over the same period.

COMING SOON: Check back soon for the latest results from our on-the-ground surveys in Mexico and Colombia, sector-specific data, and more information on Latin America’s growing cooling market.

This IFC program is implemented in partnership with the government of the United Kingdom.