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TechEmerge brings cutting-edge technologies to where they are needed most. This award-winning matchmaking program from the World Bank Group connects tech companies worldwide with  leading organizations in emerging markets. Together we pilot projects uniquely tailored to local needs, supported by a global network of industry advisors, building commercial relationships in vital sectors, maximizing social impact, and spurring innovation.

Our Record:

India’s healthcare sector was the launching ground for TechEmerge. From 2016-17, our participants piloted 15 new solutions in diabetes care, women’s health, and other critical fields. Since then, one TechEmerge firm was acquired for $102 million, and the pipeline of contracts continues to grow -  along with the health benefits for communities.  (Click here to access the TechEmerge Health Impact Report)


22 commercial contracts signed worth USD



Tech innovators raised USD


million in financing



patients expected to benefit annually



Already, we've expanded to Brazil's rapidly growing healthcare sector, and soon we'll launch TechEmerge Health Africa, delivering impact and innovation.

What additional benefits can my tech company expect?

Hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial contracts and financing have already been secured by Tech Emerge innovators, and there are other benefits too.


Promotion:  Participation in TechEmerge will raise your profile as a dynamic company with innovative solutions to some of the world's most critical issues.

Global Visibility:  Preliminary results and proof-of-concept data may feature on the TechEmerge website, in press releases, newsletters, and other material produced by IFC.


New business opportunities: You may be selected to present your results at key conferences and industry events, providing opportunities to expand your commercial networks and partnerships.

Growth:  TechEmerge participants are invited to evaluate the individual impact of each pilot and explore the opportunity of expanding established relationships into commercial contracts.