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TechEmerge Sustainble Cooling Innovation is seeking to demonstrate that Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) can be operated efficiently, effectively and economically in Nigeria through introduction of state-of-the-art cooling technologies and innovative business models.
TCL enables many developing economies to take part in the global perishable products market either as producers or as consumers. While the overall market for products that require TCL is estimated to be $10+ billion, the small TCL market size in Nigeria indicates that the market is still within its extremely nascent phase and offers long term opportunities. IFC, through its TechEmerge program is creating the opportunity to make TCL work in Africa in cooperation with Kobo360; an e-logistics platform operating across Africa and connecting truckers to customers; by introducing innovative cooling technologies with the objectives to: 

- reduce waste and losses in supply chains, and 

- enable access to products and markets that are not accessible without TCL.

Pre-registration open for innovators with sustainable cooling solutions in TCL.

Join IFC’s award-winning program, TechEmerge, as we match innovators from across the world with leading local companies in Africa, specifically Nigeria, to pilot innovative cooling projects and build commercial partnerships. Make sure to pre-register! (see link above)