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TechEmerge brings cutting-edge technologies to where they are needed most. This award-winning matchmaking program from the World Bank Group connects tech companies worldwide with  leading organizations in emerging markets. Together we pilot projects uniquely tailored to local needs, supported by a global network of industry advisors, building commercial relationships in vital sectors, maximizing social impact, and spurring innovation.

Our Record:

India’s healthcare sector was the launching ground for TechEmerge. From 2016-17, our participants piloted 22 new solutions in diabetes care, women’s health, and other critical fields. Since then, one TechEmerge firm was acquired for $102 million, and the pipeline of contracts continues to grow -  along with the health benefits for communities.

  • 10 commercial contracts signed worth USD $600,000
  • Tech innovators raised USD $14.5 million in financing
  • Over 250,000 patients expected to benefit annually

Already, we've expanded to Brazil's rapidly growing healthcare sector, and soon we'll launch TechEmerge Health Africa, deliering impact and innovation.