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In this pilot, Bodhi Health Education’s learning management system deployed standardized online training modules in dialysis for NephroPlus staff at the company’s corporate training facility in Hyderabad. The pilot aimed to support high demand for dialysis and rapid growth in the company. 


December 2016 - July 2017


Nephroplus corporate training facility, Hyderabad


  • A total of 63 Nephroplus staff members enrolled in the pilot.

  • There was 100% compliance, and all enrolled users completed the course.

  • Improvement in knowledge gained from use of the course exceeded anticipated targets. There was a 48% increase from pre to post-test scores.

  • Staff time was significantly reduced due to Bodhi's platform.

  • 100% of trainers said the training was easy to conduct when using e-learning. 

Lessons Learned

  • Access to internet services and hardware remains a constraint for healthcare providers. Bodhi learned that ensuring hardware and internet access via a tablet or mobile phone with internet connectivity can help to deliver the training application – a crucial requirement if Bodhi’s products are to work effectively and reach scale.  

  • Based on pilot feedback, Bodhi will integrate a weekly interactive webinar session for each course, during which the participants can connect with the instructor and ask questions.