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While TechEmerge is investigating other high-impact areas, to date our focus has been the vital healthcare sector – spurring innovation, improving patient access and care, and creating new business opportunities.

Starting in 2016, our inaugural program targeted the Indian market. Serving a population of more than 1.3 billion people, India’s healthcare sector is one of the largest in the world. However, the vast majority of patients pay for healthcare expenses out-of-pocket, fueling demand for greater access and affordability


India has 17% of world population


healthcare market value in 2020, up from $74bn in 2011


medical device & diagnostics market today



Brazil was chosen at the second TechEmerge location. Its 208 million people are guaranteed free and universal public healthcare, but the public system is overstretched and underfunded. As a result, many Brazilians have turned to private healthcare providers. Combined, the public and private systems make up the eighth largest healthcare market in the world. Like India, the sector presents great challenges and great opportunities


Healthcare market of 2021 set to grow to

$232 billion

GDP of

$1.2 trillion

Medical device market of 2020 set to reach

$5.5 billion



TechEmerge, supported by a global network of experienced advisors, matched young tech firms from across the globe with leading healthcare providers in India and Brazil to conduct a range of pilot projects in high impact areas, and to potentially create successful commercial partnerships.



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