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Local health technology innovators will get financial and technical support to pilot their products in the East African market under an International Finance Corporation (IFC)-sponsored project to boost healthcare access in Kenya and the region.

IFC Senior Director William Sonneborn said the project dubbed ‘The TechEmerge Health’ will link the innovators with more than 20 leading private healthcare providers and boost key services like patient engagement, clinical records and data analytics and point of care diagnostic tools.

The deal targets health tech innovators at the market-entry stage and tech transfer process in what will cut financial and operational risks associated with market entry as well as reduce adoption risks for local healthcare providers. The project is a timely boost for Kenya and its neighbours who have for years grappled with infectious diseases and the rapidly growing burden of non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes.

“We’re mobilising global tech for good by bringing healthcare innovations that transform lives to the markets with the greatest need. We’re bringing together tech innovators with healthcare providers improve access, affordability, quality and efficiency for underserved populations,” said Mr Sonneborn.

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