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Sustainable Cooling Retail Cold Chains

GreenCHILL Refrigeration System. In this pilot, Indian innovator New Leaf Dynamic Technologies partnered with the country’s largest online grocery, BigBasket, to field test a GreenCHILL refrigeration system that uses a natural refrigerant with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Pelletized cashew nut shells and waste husks from a BigBasket coconut processing factory provided biomass fuel for the… Learn more
BigBasket Modular Cold Racks. In this pilot, India’s largest online grocer, BigBasket, piloted its own plug-and-play modular cold rack system using widely-available phase change material (PCM) inserts. The pilot aimed to compartmentalize a large walk-in cold room for multiple uses by desired temperature range and demand – tackling one of the biggest design issues that make cold rooms so… Learn more