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TechEmerge Resilience India Challenge

Nelen & Schuurmans' Flood Forecasting System will develop a flood early warning system that is useful for both immediate calamity management and long-term planning, through two software solutions that can be run through cloud-based computing from any laptop/tablet.  The interactive interface allows one to visualize how water flows during the actual simulation, and also interact with it. With… Learn more
Seismic AI's End to End Managed Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) covers all aspects of designing, deploying, maintaining, monitoring and improving the performance of the network.  The core of SeismicAI’s EEWS is a unique real-time seismic algorithm that uses Array Seismology to locate the epicenter (back-azimuth), and several unique non-empirical algorithms to estimate the magnitude and… Learn more
Project OWL's Post Disaster Internet Connectivity provides wireless devices basic connectivity for messaging and information. Project OWL developed an innovative unified network infrastructure of hardware, firmware, and software to create a seamless plug-and-play solution. The DuckLink is a wireless device that provides basic connectivity for messaging and information.  DuckLinks may be deployed… Learn more
ideaForge manufactures fully customizable, high capacity drones that can be deployed for defense, homeland security and enterprise solutions. ideaForge's drones will aid the chosen SDMA in; disaster preparedness through surveillance, survey and mapping, disaster response and relief by acting as first responder to provide on-ground situational awareness, and disaster recovery by conducting post-… Learn more
Pragathi foundation is to pilot a Two Way Community Based Connectivity using a Wifi based 2 way Local Radio, that caters to the information needs of rural communities living in a particular locality, which includes portable transmission and receiving devices using open source technology.  The pilot is to be implemented in tandem with the chosen SDMA in signal dark areas that have hitherto never… Learn more
Saif Seas has developed Autonomous Drones for Rescue, a remote operated buoy that functions as a zero risk rescue device.  The buoy has a strong communication range of up to 3kms that can be extended to 10kms if necessary.  The buoy is fully customisazle and can be retrofitted with HD cameras, robotic probes or weaponry and designed as per the needs / requirements of the SDMA.   Learn more
Asia Disaster Reduction Centre and the University of Tokyo have developed Mobipack (Open Source Analysis Software), which extracts mobility patterns and human behavior from mobile big data (Call Detail Record data or CDR data) to inform Covid-19 response efforts. Services include analysis and visualization of the following indicators: Headcounts of subscribers at district level; How many are away… Learn more
Quantela's COVID-19 Emergency Response Platform (CoVER) is an integrated command and control center for crisis management.  It is a proven Command Centre Platform with Flexible and Dynamic Integrations, Visualizations layer, Automation Rules and Mobile Apps (T COVID’19 - on Google Play and App Store).  Apart from the command and control center, the platform comes with Field officer mobile app and… Learn more
Numer8's Supply Chain App for Fishermen: Mobile app (Ofish) provides fishing zone advisory, weather updates and more. Ofish helps the seafood industry to be traceable and sustainable and enables profitability for the fisher-folk.  The app provides fishing zone advisories and hyper local weather data for efficient and safer navigation at sea. On shore, fisher-folk use the app to sell their fish… Learn more
Build Change's AI solution assesses damage to buildings for retrofitting, recovery.  This solution is a mobile app and a platform that gathers data to process and provide structural judgement.  Through machine learning, the app can provide a Go - No-Go decision on retrofitting a structure that has been damaged by natural disasters, using a simple mobile phone photo.  Using parametric 3D Modelling… Learn more