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GreenCHILL Refrigeration System.

In this pilot, Indian innovator New Leaf Dynamic Technologies partnered with the country’s largest online grocery, BigBasket, to field test a GreenCHILL refrigeration system that uses a natural refrigerant with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Pelletized cashew nut shells and waste husks from a BigBasket coconut processing factory provided biomass fuel for the GreenCHILL unit. 


A BigBasket distribution center in Hoskote, in the southern state of Karnataka, in India.


  • The use of fossil-fuel based electricity plunged by 90 percent. 
  • Operating costs fell almost 20 percent for the GreenChill cold rooms versus conventional systems. 
  • New Leaf is implementing steps that will reduce the payback time for GreenChill, which currently stands at just over six years. 

Lessons Learned

  • Apart from product performance, fuel linkages (preparation, fuel flexibility, and long-term supply contracts with predictable costs) are key aspects to scaling of biomass-based distributed cooling systems. 



“This pilot cut electricity use at our distribution center by 90 percent and now we have the technical backend to expand to locations where the grid is very weak. Supported by the IFC TechEmerge program, in partnership with the UK government, we are reducing food wastage, improving farmer livelihoods, and contributing to the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP).”

Hari Menon, CEO and Co-Founder of BigBasket

“Plans are underway for mass production, as we expect E-retailers and business customers will increasingly adopt distributed cooling solutions to meet their cooling needs, reduce operating costs while fulfilling corporate environmental sustainability commitments.”

Akash Agarwal, Director, New Leaf Dynamic Technologies