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Micromedic Technologies CellDetect® is a staining technology used to simplify and expedite screening of women at risk of developing cervical cancer. It is the only histochemical platform allowing color discrimination alongside morphological examination for differentiation between normal and cancerous cells. In this pilot, cervical specimens collected at SRL Diagnostics' pathology laboratory were analyzed using CellDetect® to boost the detection of early-stage and pre-cancer lesions. The primary goal of this pilot was to test the efficacy, utility, and overall usability of CellDetect® in SRL Diagnostics' reference pathology laboratory.       



February 2017  -  September 2017


SRL Diagnostics, Gurgaon lab, New Delhi, India


  • 180 patients enrolled in the pilot 

  • 130 sets of cervical smears from women at the age range of 27-75 years were prepared. 

  • 109 were considered normal and 21 were considered suspicious with both staining methods. 

  • This pilot demonstrated that the time spent to interpret a CellDetect® slide was significantly shorter compared to the time spent to analyze a standard Pap smear. 

  • By reducing the time required to analyze each cervical slide, CellDetect® generates a significant increase in overall throughput and assists in lowering the screening burden of cervical smears. 
  • The CellDetect® color feature was considered useful in the majority of the suspicious cases and slide interpretation was deemed simplified in most of these cases.
  • The use of color not only adds to morphology but also adds a new dimension in interpretation of suspicious cases that helps increase the throughput and improve patient diagnosis.  

Lessons Learned

  • The CellDetect® kit was easier to operate than the team originally anticipated. Remote training and support were effective and sufficient.

  • The program opened the opportunity to enter the Indian market and explore the local need for the product.