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Mobile ODT's Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System is an integrated cervical cancer screening and smartphone-based patient tracking system that enables ongoing patient engagement. International Oncology tested the EVA System in cervical cancer screening programs in affiliated hospitals and outreach centers to minimize "loss to follow-up" care among patients who screen positive on primary cervical cancer screening tests.The primary objective of the pilot was to evaluate the effectiveness of the EVA System, in comparison to existing cervical cancer screening techniques at screening camps supported by International Oncology to ensure the technology met the highest quality screening standards.  


December 2016- April 2018


Eight mobile screening camps were set up in community clinics, places of worship, schools, and other locations used by communities residing in low-income informal settlements (slums). 


  • 150 patients enrolled in the pilot 

  • EVA allowed for improved workflow and documentation 

  • EVA reduced exam time and both patients and providers reported a more positive experience than VIA screenings  

  • Providers reported it was much easier to use EVA for documenting patient information than existing methods (hand-written records or information typed on a laptop)

  • Digitized data capture improved results documentation at the community level 

  • Information stored by the app allowed for much more rapid data analysis compared to naked-eye visualization. 

  • The technology increased trust among patients because they were able to see images from their own exam 

  • EVA increased the patients sense of empowerment and ownership over their bodies 

Lessons Learned

  • MobileODT recognized how impactful technology such as the EVA can have in areas lacking healthcare infrastructure and resources, especially those with limited access to traditional cytology and biopsy services. 

  • EVA improved documentation in screening camps where patient volumes and physical environments presented challenges.  

  • Trials should separate providers using EVA from providers performing VIA, to better document the differences between the two methods.