Transmural Biotech / Cloudnine Pilot

Transmural Biotech has developed quantusFLM, a non‐invasive, fast and easy‐to‐use Fetal Lung Maturity test. The objective of the pilot with Cloudnine was to test quantusFLM in the clinical practice of three of Cloudnine hospitals.

QuantusFLM provides a non-invasive accurate result of a baby’s lung maturity within minutes. In this pilot, quantusFLM was used with pregnant women at risk of late pre-term birth, or scheduled for an early term birth, to determine Fetal Lung Maturity by analyzing just an ultrasound image.


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Pilot Duration

February 8, 2017 - August 8, 2017



3 Cloudnine Hospitals: 2 in Bengaluru and 1 in Mumbai



  • The main goal of the pilot was to show Cloudnine specialists the potential benefits of quantusFLM by allowing them to use the device in specific clinical cases. This goal successfully accomplished.
  • 280+ patients were enrolled in the pilot.
  • Fetal Medicine Specialists used quantusFLM during the pilot with a high efficiency in image acquisition. The Fetal Medicine Specialists were seamlessly trained with a structured protocol, despite the potential complications. 

  • QuantusFLM use was 4 times higher than expected. 
  • It was concluded that the majority of the team is able to correctly use the tool in the vast majority of the cases.
  • Transmural Biotech and Cloudnine are in discussions about a longer term partnership.


Lessons Learned

  • The TechEmerge pilot has allowed Transmural Biotech to understand a new and complex market in a more efficient way. 
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