TechEmerge Pilot Grantees

From 330 applications, a group of 17 innovators from around the world has been selected to pilot their technology innovations in the Indian market with 15 healthcare providers. Through this program, we hope to bring long-lasting tech solutions with strong impact potential to the forefront of Indian healthcare. We are glad to see such strong interest in health innovation, and provide an opportunity for these startups to grow their businesses, enabling better healthcare and patient outcomes in an emerging market. TechEmerge looks forward to seeing sustainable partnerships develop that will contribute to improved healthcare delivery in India and beyond.

Bodhi Health Education’s learning management system will deploy standardized training solutions for technicians at EyeQ. In the pilot, online training modules will be used to standardize the training process, conduct assessments, track performance of individual learners and gain insights on analytics from each center.

Bodhi Health Education’s learning management system will deploy standardized training solutions for NephroPlus staff. The pilot will implement online dialysis training modules at NephroPlus’ corporate training facility in Hyderabad, in order to support NephroPlus’ rapid growth and high dialysis demand.

ChatrHealth implements standardized checklists and protocols to improve efficiency and ensure safety before, during and after medical procedures. Their pilot will implement such protocols in Narayana Health operating rooms to prepare hospital staff for their procedures with the aim of preventing surgical errors.

The Equatel Touch device connects rural communities with public healthcare kiosks and services. In this pilot, the Equatel Touch device will be deployed in Max Healthcare rural clinics and outreach programs to provide efficient healthcare services to rural communities, as well as in urban hospital centers, in order to streamline and manage their admittance and pre-screenings.

Mfore is bringing registration, scheduling and treatment plan services to Regency Healthcare in India. In this pilot, mfore will use mobile messaging based services to efficiently engage Regency Healthcare’s patient populations based on their specific care plans.

Micromedic Technologies has created CellDetect®, a staining technology that combines color and morphology to screen women who are at risk of developing cervical cancer. In this pilot, cervical specimens collected at Dr. Lal PathLabs will be analyzed using CellDetect® to simplify and expedite the interpretation of microscopic slides and boost the detection of early stage and pre-cancer lesions.

Micromedic Technologies’ CellDetect® is a staining technology used to simplify and expedite screening of women at risk of developing cervical cancer. In this pilot, cervical specimens collected at SRL Diagnostics' pathology laboratory will be analyzed using CellDetect® to boost the detection of early-stage and pre-cancer lesions.

Mobile ODT's Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System is a smartphone­-based integrated cervical cancer screening and patient tracking system that enables on­going engagement with patients. In this pilot, International Oncology will test the EVA System in cervical cancer screening programs in affiliated hospitals and outreach centers to minimize "loss to follow-up" care among patients who screen positive on primary cervical cancer screening tests.

Mobile ODT has created the Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System, an integrated cervical cancer screening and patient tracking system that enables
on­going engagement with patients through a smartphone platform. In this pilot, Apollo will be integrating MobileODT’s EVA System for digital cervicography into their primary screening for cervical cancer to reduce “loss to follow-up" and to provide
point­-of-­care diagnosis.

mTatva’s post-prescription solution is a text message enabled “digital-nurse” called HealthPIE. In this pilot, mTava’s technology will scan and digitize details of investigations to be done, medicines, reviews, and any details on the paper prescription, providing SMS reminders to increase patient engagement with Apollo providers through continuous communication.

Optomed Oy has created a portable cloud-based retinal camera, optimizing resources and improving eye care delivery. In this pilot, conducted in EyeQ’s super specialty eye hospitals, Retinal Surgeons and Senior Optometrists will screen patients allowing for Optomed Oy to compare the analysis of Angiography images from their low cost portable FFA camera with images from Conventional FFA Camera in order to improve access to quality eye healthcare in rural India.

Stasis Labs has developed the Stasis Monitoring System, a bedside monitoring system along with a portable tablet that serves as a patient chart because many patients remain in ICUs past the point of needed care, and need only to be monitored. In this pilot, the Stasis Monitoring System will be implemented in beds across multiple Narayana Health hospital non-ICU wards in the Bangalore Medicity Branch in order to de-congest the intensive care unit and improve operational efficiency.


Stasis Labs has created the Stasis Monitoring System, a bedside monitoring system, along with a portable tablet, that serves as a patient chart. In this pilot, the Stasis Monitoring System will be implemented across Cloudnine hospital wards in the Bangalore Jayanagar Branch to monitor patients who can be relieved from the ICU but still need monitoring.

Transmural Biotech has developed quantusFLM, a non‐invasive, fast and easy‐to‐use Fetal Lung Maturity test. In this pilot, quantusFLM, will be integrated into Cloudnine’s Hospitals testing of pregnant woman at risk of late pre-term birth, or scheduled for an early term birth, to determine Fetal Lung Maturity by analyzing just an ultrasound image.


Tricog Health Services has created a platform to enable remote diagnosis using off-the-shelf ECG machines. In their pilot, the Tricog system will be deployed at Cygnus Hospital clinics enabling patients to receive a diagnosis and referral within minutes.


Vios Medical has created the Vios Monitoring System (VMS), allowing for automated continuous surveillance of patients’ physiological vital signs in a non-ICU setting. In this pilot, Vios will implement monitoring systems in general medical-surgical wards at Regency Healthcare allowing clinicians to monitor, manage, and provide care to patients remotely.

Ceeable is piloting their Visual Field Analyzer system at Dr. Agarwal clinic sites to quickly and accurately screen patients. In addition to rapid screening, the Ceeable test will increase diagnostic and hospital efficiencies by allowing clinicians to quickly access comprehensive test results upon completion of the test.

Diabetacare's Clinico-Technology Solution enhances patient care by providing
real-time alerts after every blood sugar check, minimizing risk of errors and improving clinical outcomes. Their pilot with Medanta will aim to control hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes.

ZedScan, Zilico's product, utilizes Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to improve the ability to detect cervical cancer following an abnormal smear result, increasing diagnostic accuracy. In their pilot with International Oncology, they aim to increase early detection and quickly enable treatment.

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WellDoc's BlueStar is a mobile prescription therapy application for adults with Type 2 diabetes. In their pilot with Max Healthcare, they will test BlueStar with Type 2 diabetes patients to track blood glucose, medications and dietary habits over time to improve patient engagement and decrease patients' HbA1c levels.