TechEmerge matches innovators across the world with leading hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, insurers, and other stakeholders in emerging markets to conduct pilot projects, build commercial relationships, and de-risk investment in new healthcare technologies, services, and business models.


Strategic Objectives:

healthcare providers Help private health care providers in emerging markets leverage innovation to meet rapidly increasing demand, strengthen efficiency, and improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
coverage gaps Accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions that close health care coverage gaps, particularly for poor, marginalized and remote communities, as well as women and children.
tech companies Support young tech companies to enter and scale in emerging markets where their innovative technologies can address urgent development challenges.


Innovators across the world can apply to join the TechEmerge Heath Innovation Program, and access the knowledge, networks, and resources to enter and grow their businesses in dynamic emerging markets. 

Health care providers receive comprehensive support to identify, field test, adapt, and adopt the best solutions from across the world that meet their unique needs.

Why health?

Access to affordable, high-quality health care enables countries to make the most of their strongest asset – human capital. In emerging markets, demand for private health care services is rapidly rising. In parallel, innovations in digital health, artificial intelligence, point of care diagnostics, patient engagement, operational efficiency, and more have tremendous potential to strengthen health care delivery.

To accelerate the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies, TechEmerge has launched three health care innovation programs in some of the world’s fastest-growing healthcare sectors – India, Brazil, and East Africa.

1.2 bn

Africa’s population is growing rapidly

$102 bn

Healthcare spending expected in 2022

$3.2 bn

Medical imports per annum

Africa has a young, digitally savvy population and a fast-growing middle-class keen to access new medical solutions, and its healthcare providers are eager to boost efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and embrace innovation. In addition, many African governments are committed to universal health coverage and accessing new technologies and business models is critical to their success.

Currently, 17 innovators from 11 countries and 11 leading East African private multi-specialty hospitals, primary care clinics, labs, pharma retailers, and insurers are conducting a wide range of TechEmerge pilots on the ground in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. They are supported by a pool of up to $1 million in grant funding, as well as ongoing support and advice from our expert team during pilot implementation.


$1.4 tn

Brazil's GDP in 2021

$10.5 bn

Medical device market in 2021

9.5% GDP

Healthcare Spending. The largest market in Latin America

Brazil’s 212 million people are guaranteed free and universal public healthcare, but the public system is overstretched and underfunded. As a result, many Brazilians have turned to private healthcare providers. Combined, the public and private systems make up the eighth largest healthcare market in the world.

TechEmerge innovators and Brazilian healthcare providers have already signed six commercial contracts worth almost $500,000, and more contracts are under negotiation. Tech companies also raised $163 million during the program, and one was acquired for $49 million. 

TechEmerge continues to facilitate the creation of even more sustainable partnerships that will improve healthcare delivery in Brazil and beyond.


1.39 bn

India's population in 2021

$372 bn

India's healthcare market expected size by 2022

$4 bn

The Indian diagnostics market value in 2021

India is the second most populous country in the world. With its public health system overcrowded and underfunded, the majority of people rely on the private sector, providing both great challenges and great opportunities for innovators and providers to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

The inaugural TechEmerge program was launched in 2016, and by mid-2018 TechEmerge partners had conducted 20 pilot projects at over 70 clinical sites across India. In total, 22 commercial contracts worth over $1 million were signed as a result of the program. Several innovators signed local distributors and have gone on to work with other healthcare providers for broader deployment of their solutions in India. During the program, our tech companies raised $14.5 million, and one was acquired for over $100 million.