Hans Guttman

Hans Guttman

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Hans Guttman joined Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in 2017 with over 25 years of policy and development experience specifically in the fields of rural development, water resources management (including floods and droughts), environmental management, water diplomacy and international cooperation. He has over a decade of practical experience in implementing on-the-ground sustainable rural development initiatives at the local, national and regional levels in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining ADPC he was the CEO of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat supervising the implementation of the 1995 Mekong Agreement. As Coordinator for the Wetlands Alliance (WA) Program, he managed 50 agencies in 5 countries to cooperate in aquatic resources management for poverty reduction in the Mekong region. With a science background he has a keen interest in research and authored several technical and scholarly papers in aquatic resources management and international cooperation. While working for the Asian Institute of Technology Aqua Outreach during the 1990s Hans was instrumental in raising awareness of fisheries resources and their use by publishing various field research findings, which resulted in improved policies for fisheries management in Cambodia.

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