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TechEmerge Health India Impact Report

By TechEmerge

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TechEmerge is an award-winning program that accelerates the adoption of technologies in emerging markets to drive sustainable innovation in sectors critical for economic and social development. It does this by matching innovative tech companies from around the world with local corporates and other organizations in emerging markets to conduct pilot projects and build commercial partnerships. Created by IFC, TechEmerge’s inaugural program targeted the health sector in India. This publication examines the rationale, process, and impact of this groundbreaking program.

From late 2015 to early 2018, TechEmerge’s multi-step curation process matched high-performing tech companies with India’s top private healthcare providers serving urban and rural patients countrywide. TechEmerge partners conducted 20 pilot projects to address clinical and operational gaps, with technologies enabling rapid diagnosis of cardiac patients in remote areas, portable, affordable screening for cervical cancer, a mobile app for better diabetes management, and more.

The report sets out TechEmerge’s on-the-ground local needs assessment, its matchmaking process backed by a network of expert advisors, and ongoing support during pilot implementation. Project snapshots give an in-depth look at the TechEmerge experience and results. It also examines lessons learned that informed TechEmerge’s Brazil health program launched in 2017, its new Africa program, and work in future sectors and locations.

Download full report