Completed pilot
Sustainable Cooling

Kobo360 and ATC International

Innovator ATC from Turkey is teaming up with African e-logistics company Kobo360 to combine new technologies for long-haul transport of temperature-sensitive goods, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and losses in the food and agriculture value chains. These innovations include eco-friendly PCMs, solar-powered refrigeration systems, battery storage, and insulated containers.


ATC International

ATC is an engineering, production, and export company operating in the field of R&D studies, design, engineering, manufacturing of industrial projects, machinery, solar systems eutectic cooling and technological products.



Kobo360 is Africa’s innovation leader in integrated logistics solutions and truck brokerage services. The company aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners, drivers, and cargo recipients achieve an efficient supply chain framework.