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Baobab Circle's Afya Pap is a patient centered platform that leverages AI and behavioral science to improve management and prevention of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. The solution provides localized health education and personalized remote monitoring via SMS (for basic cell phone) or an app (for smartphones). Afya Pap enables the most remote person to be monitored via its Ask a Doctor feature, with doctors responding in real-time, or by using the connected glucometers and blood pressure monitors. During the pandemic, Afya Pap is supporting patients at risk by providing personalized health education, remote monitoring, eprescription, COVID-19 symptom triage and tracking and connecting to a doctor. Baobab Circle will work with Equity Bank in Uganda to pilot Afya Pap to support their staff to improve management and prevention of diabetes and hypertension, and to increase staff’s productivity and to reduce insurance costs related to treating chronic diseases.