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In partnership with Narayana Health ChatrHealthpiloted standardized checklists and protocols aimed at improving efficiency and safety before, during, and after medical procedures in surgical operating rooms, and preventing surgical errors.


April 2017- January 2018


Narayana Health, Kolkata


  • 794 patients enrolled

  • Clinical Outcomes

    • 40% reduction in adverse anesthesia events 

    • 32.2% reduction in unplanned returns to surgery 

    • 12.4% reduction in case cancellations 

    • 27.6% reduction in rescheduled cases 

  • Initial  adoption of the tool was 50%. After senior leadership reinforcement, this rose to 80-90%

  • By the end of the pilot, all operating rooms used the tool. 


Lessons Learned

Through this pilot, Chatr Health became more mindful of  potential differences in  resources and cultures when testing the product in a new market/context. It is important to be aware of the host organization’s technical capabilities and organizational culture regarding new technology. Moving forward, Chatr Health will explore how such factors play into patient engagement, user adoption, and overall piloting.