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January - March 2017


Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Stasis Labs created the Stasis Monitoring System (SMS). This pilot trialed the bedside monitoring system, along with a portable tablet that serves as a patient chart, in multiple Narayana Health hospital wards in order to de-congest the intensive care unit and improve operational efficiency. The primary objective was to understand whether clinicians and nurses were able to use the product effectively to improve the quality of care for their patients.


Stasis Labs


Narayana Health

  • 630+ patients were monitored during the pilot period.
  • Clinicians agreed that the product improved the quality of patient care.
  • Nurses in the high acuity areas of the hospital, including the High Dependency Unit and the post-operative ward,  found the most use for the Stasis Monitoring System.
  • 100% of nurses in the high-acuity area agreed that the technology was easy to use and 91% agreed that the SMS improved care.
  • As part of the pilot, some patients were escalated to the ICU for further care, based on clinical assessment of long-term trends.
Lessons Learned
  • The pilot provided several business-related insights that will help Stasis plan, manage, and execute effective commercialization, sales, and contracting processes with large corporate hospital across India, and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Defined use case for large-scale installation of the SMS in multi-specialty hospitals where deployments across several areas need to be customized to the need
  • The pilot helped to validate pricing and financial modelfor corporate chains in Southern India. It also helped identify strategies for effective nurse training and clinician engagement for large hospital providersSeveral product improvements and differential deployments have increased the value proposition of the product

What partners say

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"Stasis has benefited from the TechEmerge program in the following ways: -Provided an opportunity to pitch the product to a breadth of leading healthcare providers in India -Funding for the pilots was very useful for entry into the Indian healthcare space which we would have struggled otherwise -Helped establish our credibility with other players in the market -Provided the opportunity to help us understand the process of commercialization in the Indian healthcare space"

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