Completed pilot

Vecnacares & Nairobi Women’s Hospital

VecnaCares’ iDeliver is a point-of-care application that provides clinical decision support to identify and treat maternal complications in real-time. The easy-to-use solution combined with a triage algorithm, enables healthcare providers to achieve and maintain high-quality maternal care from ante-natal care through labor and post-natal care. The algorithm identifies high-risk patients and prioritizes by severity so providers can focus on the most critical patients earlier. iDeliver also captures complete patient information, streamlining data reporting processes and informing quality of care improvement efforts. In this pilot, Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Kenya will deploy iDeliver to cover a patient’s pregnancy journey from antenatal care through postnatal care. The solution will also address neonatal complications and collect and monitor well baby data. COVID-19 testing/ protocols have also been incorporated.