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Aidoc’s Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) AI module was used to evaluate Hospital Sirio Libanes’ (HSL) Head CT exams with the aim of demonstrating the software’s accuracy, user-friendliness, and ability to enhance HSL’s radiologists’ performance.


Apr 2019-Oct 2019


Hospital Sirio Libanes (Neurology Reading Center), São Paulo, Brazil


  • 4,048 cases were evaluated using Aidoc

  • HSL radiologists demonstrated high engagement with the tool as 100% of alerts generated by Aidoc were reviewed at least once

    • 80% of alerts Aidoc generated were reviewed within 30 minutes

  • In a prospective analysis, Aidoc’s ICH AI module reported:

    • 93% accuracy

    • 97% sensitivity

    • Less than 5% false positives

  • Based on the successful implementation of the ICH AI Module, HSL expanded the scope of the partnership and added Aidoc’s Pulmonary Embolism AI module to the pilot

Lessons Learned

Aidoc learned that understanding the accessibility of hospital metrics is a significant consideration when defining the KPIs applicable to the healthcare provider. Aidoc/HSL were able to choose new KPIs during the pilot to better measure and track active user engagement uptake.