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TechEmerge is a first of its kind market-access program for proven technology companies around the world that are looking to grow their business in emerging markets.

After a successful inaugural program in India, the TechEmerge Program was launched in Brazil with the aim to match innovators from around the world with Brazilian healthcare providers to accomplish the dual goals of improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through structured pilots and new partnerships.

Selected participants receive funding and guidance from the TechEmerge team to pilot their tech innovations in the Brazilian market, with the ultimate goal of wider, commercial implementation of technology.


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Market Context

Brazil possesses a highly attractive and promising healthcare markets.  Already the eighth largest in the world, this market is set to grow to $232bn by 2021.  The country is the fifth largest geographically, with a population of 208mn and a GDP of approx. $1.8tn.

Although Brazilians are guaranteed free and universal public healthcare coverage, private spending surpasses public spending, generating one of the largest private healthcare systems in the world. At the same time, the Brazilian healthcare system faces multiple challenges, including an overstretched and underfunded public system, a shortage of beds, and an uneven distribution of resources and physicians. Given this context, Brazilian healthcare providers are looking for new solutions that can improve care and reduce costs.  This offers great business opportunities for health-tech innovators.


Participating healthcare providers range from multi-specialty hospitals to diagnostic centers and beyond. These health organizations serve a variety of different income populations and regions across Brazil. 



patients impacted annually



laboratory units



hospital beds




From 295 applications, a group of 21 innovators from around the world was selected to pilot their technology innovations in the Brazilian market with 16 healthcare providers. Pilots receive support and grant funding under the program.

Through TechEmerge, we are accelerating the adoption of tech solutions with high impact potential, with the goal of improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

We are facilitating the creation of sustainable partnerships that will contribute to improved healthcare delivery in Brazil and beyond.

Aidoc’s AI solution was used to evaluate Grupo Fleury’s vascular and chest CT exams, with the goals of improving diagnosis quality, improving operational efficiency, and increasing radiologists’ productivity.  Aidoc’s AI solution was used to evaluate Grupo Fleury’s vascular and chest CT exams, with the goals of improving diagnosis quality, improving operational efficiency, and increasing radiologists’ productivity. Learn more
Aidoc’s Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) AI module was used to evaluate Hospital Sirio Libanes’ (HSL) Head CT exams with the aim of demonstrating the software’s accuracy, user-friendliness, and ability to enhance HSL’s radiologists’ performance. Learn more
Buddy Healthcare's surgery care coordination and patient engagement platform digitizes surgery care pathways, engages patients, and automates the monitoring of patient preparation and recovery procedures. In this pilot, Real Hospital Português will deploy the solution in their oncological department to improve engagement and communication between patients and the clinical team.  Learn more
ChatrHealth implements standardized checklists and decision support tools to improve efficiency and ensure safety during medical procedures or routine protocols. In this pilot, standardized medical protocols and data collection tools will be developed and deployed to enable Dalben's care teams to efficiently and safely manage quality patient care.   Learn more


June 28, 2019
A special thank you to the TechEmerge Program Partners: the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Advisor Network

The TechEmerge Brazil Program is supported by a network of advisors with vast experience in growing health technology innovation across the world.